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My Skills

There are many but mentioning few of them

Visual C#

Visual C++



About Me

I am student and still learning
I am a person who love to make softwares in spare time

I was born thirteenth of June 2001 in India. Thats where I grew up and still live.
I am a self-taught programmer thanks to internet and especially to stackoverflow. I started programming in vb.net and after some time switch to c# which I feel more like java. Then I decided to try unmanaged code and learn Visual C++ .
Currently I am preparing for IIT-JEE so till 2018 I will be focusing on PCM(Physics Chemistry Maths) and will again start programming in college .In my spare time I enjoy making software. I don't do this for a living since I still study, but it would be amazing if one day I could

  • Visual C#
  • Visual C++
  • VB.NET
  • Java

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Feel free to contact me, I will try to reply as quick as possible. If for some reasons you dont't feel comfortable with contact forms you can contact mail me at contact@ashutoshvarma.me