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HotspotHandler is a software that lets you share connections on your PC with your friends, family, and other devices through Wifi. It creates Hotspot from PC to share internet.


How to Use It ?

It has three Tab Sections :-

  1. Controls

  2. Hotspot Details

  3. Settings

  4. About



1.Controls Section


This is first tab of application which has basic controls to start and stop hotspot. The SSID field is use to set the name of hotspot and Password field for password.

Password should be of  at least 8 digit and at most 64 digits long.

Below this Connected devices are shown in tabular form . Company column in this not necessarily show the manufacturer company of devices but it rather shows the manufacturer of wifi of your devices.




Source Code(VarmaHotspot.dll)

HotspotHandler is a client application that use functions and methods inside various classes of VarmaHotspot namespace. It is the basis of the project which provide method to Execute netsh commands

Its main function is  Execute which return a ProcessResult type which contain output of command.

ProcessResult  strut :-

Execute  function :-

For Example:-

If you want to execute “wlan stop hostednetwork” which stops the hotspot through Execute  function

Once you save the result in a variable then you can check for error and output, ike:-

There are many more methods and functions in VarmaHotspot class if you are interested you can visit Github Project link for source code.

You are free to use VarmaHotspot in you project if you give me proper credit.



Github Project Link of VarmaHotspot



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